People Share Over 25 Worst Bridezillas Stories

Some brides have done the most unexpected things, from throwing tantrums on their big day to kicking out their bridesmaids over petty issues. These women were in a bad mood when they made decisions that hurt the people around them.

The day a woman ties the knot with the man she loves is one of the most important days of her life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter of her life, but it also comes with uncertainty and fear.

The fear and anxiety often annoy brides while planning their wedding. They want things to go their way, and even the slightest inconvenience sometimes makes them break down and turn into bridezilla.

Some netizens on Reddit shared stories of brides-to-be who got extremely difficult to deal with. Even their family and friends weren’t expecting them to act like that.

Comments have been edited for clarity and grammar.

1. Pregnant Women Are Not Allowed

u/hulagirl4737: I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid in a relative’s wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Finally, she and her hubby got lucky, and she conceived. Meanwhile, the bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding.

The bride-to-be was angry because the bridesmaid would look pregnant in the pictures. Three months later, sadly, the woman miscarried. The bride called her with a response similar to “Good, well now you can be back in the wedding.” Needless to say, she did not even attend it.

2. The Bride Wanted a Photoshoot
u/nadia61: It was a stinking hot, humid day, and nobody wanted to be outside for the outdoor wedding. We were doing wedding party photos, and everyone was dripping in sweat, and about to pass out, so we decided to finish the rest of the pics in a nice shady spot. Meanwhile, the bride had other demands.

She threw an actual, honest-to-God tantrum to make the party hike across the venue grounds to get shots in front of a full-sun pond. None of her bridesmaids wanted to do the ten-minute walk in their heels, and it would have been a terrible spot for photos, which we mentioned. She pouted her way through the rest, and they divorced a year later.

3. Couldn’t You Wait, Grandma?
u/kidtendomom: I had a friend who threw a temper tantrum with screaming and foot stomping because her grandmother dared to die a few hours before her wedding.

The bride-to-be said it would throw off the seating arrangements because now there would be a big empty spot. She is currently halfway through her 2nd divorce.

4. What a Selfish Man!
u/Blazingwand: Two weeks before my girlfriend’s mother was to tie the knot, her future brother-in-law went missing. He was supposed to be the best man, but he went missing after he went out for a delivery. No one knew where he went. On the morning of the wedding, the groom-to-be got a call that the police had found his brother. They found him dead in a ditch, and his delivery truck had disappeared.

The husband-to-be was horrified and told the bride he couldn’t get married that day. She slapped him and stormed out, screaming that she couldn’t believe HE could be so selfish and that today wasn’t just about him and his stupid brother. My girlfriend was just as mad. Me and the groom-to-be left them that day, and we are good friends to this day.

5. She Replaced Her Bridesmaid
u/boredlike: I went to a wedding where the bride had replaced a bridesmaid of her at the last minute because of a tiny issue. The bride was very particular about her requirements.

The bridesmaid she replaced had dyed her hair a slightly lighter brown the night before the wedding. Apparently, it didn’t match the bright pink dress.

6. The Violent Bride
u/isstronglikebull: My friend, the bride, had this massive, billowing explosion of organza as a skirt. It was beautiful but utterly impractically designed. She had been drinking on an empty stomach, and on the second trip to the restroom with all of us holding this dress up while she hovered drunkenly over a toilet she couldn’t see, she ordered me to wipe her.

I declined. So, she slapped me. All parties dropped the skirt while I shouted obscenities at her. She screamed that this friendship was over if I didn’t do this for her! Over! She tried to apologize years later but seemed surprised when I was not interested in rekindling our friendship.

7. The Hairdo
u/Carsons_mom: As a hairstylist, I’ve seen a few bridezillas. This one affected me directly. So, mid-week, a woman comes in and asks about updos for a wedding that upcoming weekend. She told my boss that she wanted something “funky” done with her hair. My boss then booked her with me. It’s Saturday morning, and she’s in my chair. I get started. I am nearly finished when she starts complaining that she wanted more of a classic Audrey Hepburn style.

I’m confused because it’s too late to change, and my next client has arrived. This woman loses it. She says I wasn’t listening to her and calls her mother to talk sense into me. She is almost in tears, wondering how to explain her hair to her future in-laws. Her mom arrives and tells her that her hair looks beautiful, pays me, and drags her out of the salon. It was a shocking experience for everyone.

8. The Groom’s Alarm Went Off
u/EewStopitNow: My boyfriend’s brother got married, and the groom’s phone alarm went off in his pocket in the middle of the ceremony. The bride flipped out and interrupted the pastor to reach into the groom’s pocket for his phone, which he had already silenced. Then, she started complaining, “I can’t believe you let your phone go off in the middle of our wedding.”

She handed it to the maid of honor and said, “Remind me to smash that later.” She also rolled her eyes when the pastor was talking about God, chatted with the groom during the talk about keeping a marriage together, and, during the vows part, interrupted the pastor to say, “The father, the son, the holy spirit, yeah I know.”

9. You Ruined My Big Day!
u/AlannaBraavos: The bride was very mean. The groom proposed when she told him she was pregnant. She later said she had a miscarriage. At that point, his friends urged him to call it off. The best man spent the morning of the wedding trying to convince him that it wasn’t too late. Soon, the wedding table was organized with men on one side and women on the other since all the groomsmen refused to sit beside her. When the bride looked up during the reception to see she was the only woman at the table, she stormed off into the ladies’ room, where she found the bridesmaids. The youngest bridesmaid, thirteen, had officially entered womanhood.

Unprepared, she had hung out in the ladies’ room until someone she knew arrived. The two older bridesmaids were trying to find a solution. This was not good enough for Bridezilla, who screamed, blaming the junior bridesmaid for ruining her wedding deliberately. She demanded that the other two bridesmaids come out and attend her immediately. She yelled so loudly that every person at the reception knew what had happened. Apparently, a guest ran in to help with supplies. Older two bridesmaids eventually come out and sit at the bridal table because Bridezilla wouldn’t shut up until they did. Indeed, the groomsmen felt that they had TMI.

10. The Unacceptable Sunset
u/Himsjustaboy: I was working at a popular vacation spot on the East Coast where a bride wanted her ceremony on the beach at sunset, with the sun setting over the water.

She lost her cool upon learning that the sun would be setting over land, not the water. She did not understand that the sun sets in the west and she was on the east coast.

11. I Was the Replacement
u/[deleted]: I was a replacement bridesmaid at a wedding at the last minute… because the woman I was replacing had been sent to prison for beating her child.

The problem was that the original bridesmaid was two feet shorter and two hundred pounds heavier than me. It was an epic dash to find me a dress that day.

12. The Bride in Another Country
u/rammaam: I once flew into a foreign country for this woman’s wedding since I was a bridesmaid. During the time I was there, I witnessed her shoving her daughter, starving and neglecting her pets, constantly fighting with her fiancé, trying to control what I ate, accusing me of stealing from her since I took a Pepsi from the refrigerator after they said to make myself at home, freaking out the night before as we were setting up because everything was wrong.

After the day had come and gone and I flew home, I got an email about a month later saying, “You really annoyed everyone! They all found you rude and lazy. My husband isn’t calling you names. He’s only calling you out on how you are.” I told her to have a good life and blocked her. The next thing I knew, someone threatened and harassed my friends and family, made fake profiles with my name and photo, and added my number and address on Facebook with some unsuitable messages.

13. My Aunt
u/[deleted]: My father is one of eight and has four sisters. My grandfather, who worked hard all his life, lived on his pension for twenty years after retirement. He had paid for the weddings of each of his girls. My aunt, who was getting married for the third time, lost her cool when my grandfather refused to pay for her 300-person island wedding in the Bahamas. He was cool with paying for a small wedding in their hometown and offered to fund her honeymoon to the Bahamas. He had paid for both her honeymoons previously.

She responded to that offer by calling him stingy and saying she was glad my grandmother died young because she didn’t have to see her husband turn greedy. So finally, with the family’s support, my grandfather told her to pay for her wedding. This happened about five years ago, and the aunt hasn’t contacted anyone but my other aunt since. Apparently, she divorced her third husband and “retired” at 45 to live in a condo in Florida. She’s living off the settlements from the divorces.

14. I Couldn’t Attend the Wedding
u/[deleted]: I work in an industry with a busy season, so you cannot get time off toward the end except in life-or-death situations. When my wife’s sister let us know (3 months in advance) that she was getting married just after the busy season, I told her that I was glad it was then because if it had been even three days earlier, I wouldn’t be able to attend it due to the time it would take to travel 900 miles to be there. The next day, she called to tell us they’d moved the wedding to two weeks earlier.

I apologetically explained to her that I couldn’t be there because it would end my career. She didn’t listen to a word I said and tried to guilt trip me into going. Despite them knowing I wouldn’t attend in this situation even before they changed the wedding date, I would get phone calls every other day with either SIL or MIL yelling and screaming at me because I was going to ruin the wedding by not being there. My wife went to the wedding. I ate a pizza. It was friggin’ delicious.

15. The Mother-Zilla
u/Trei_Gamer: My mother went full-on mother-zilla 2 hours before my wedding, insisting that I didn’t want her to be a part of the wedding because my wife’s family rearranged the table in the reception hall that she had arranged the night before for the rehearsal.

I couldn’t believe I had to say, “I am getting married in 2 hours, and you want to make this all about you?!” Funerals and weddings bring out the worst in families. It is kind of disheartening.

16. No Food, No Water
u/DrewTip: I used to work for a tent company, and we would set up for weddings. Once, it was 95 degrees outside in the middle of July, and we were all suffering. This was a large wedding with a large tent, stage, dance floor, tables, chairs, plates, silverware, lights, etc. When we arrived at the bride’s parents’ house at 7 a.m., she was nice and calm. She said she would buy us all lunch around noon to thank us for our hard work. She also said she would bring us water since it was so hot out, and we could tap into the keg when we were done. Great deal, right? Wrong. At around noon, we had gotten the tent up, the lighting done, and the stage and dance floor partially set up. She rushed outside, saying we had to move the tent three feet.

My initial response was, “Are you kidding me?” She wasn’t. After talking it over with her, we decided to move the tent (we had to since the customer is always right. Even when they say this is where I want the tent to go. We put it up, and she changed her mind). We take it down, move the tent 3 feet, and put it back up. It is now pushing 8 p.m. No water, lunch, or dinner. 10 p.m. rolls around, and we are unloading tables. She stormed out, saying, “You are making too much noise!!! BE QUIET.” One guy I worked with asked, “Can we please get some water now? We drank all of the water that we brought.” She goes, “Umm… The hose is around the back; take some, but not too much. Water is expensive.”

17. Everyone Wanted to Leave
u/[deleted]: I attended the wedding of a family friend’s daughter, so I didn’t really know her. It was a nighttime reception, probably from 6 p.m.-11 or 12, the ceremony immediately preceding. We expected a buffet when we went into the reception, but there was nothing. Later, we found out that there was no food for the 120 guests, but rather a cheese spread, fruit platter, and vegetables with dip. An hour later, people started feeling hungry, and some began to leave.

When the bride found out, she ran across the room in her dress and blocked the doors, screaming about how everyone was ruining her wedding. She yelled, “Bride’s Day, Bride’s Way!” It was such a scene that her father had to peel her off the door. Meanwhile, the people who didn’t know her that well all left. I heard through the grapevine that she was inconsolable the entire night and even threw up.

18. My Aunt and Sister
u/omneeatlas: My sister was a bridesmaid at my 38-year-old aunt’s wedding. During a practice at the church, my aunt shouted at my sister for walking out of time. My sister was only seven then, and to have a seriously stressed bridezilla in her face because she didn’t put her foot in the right place at the right time was terrifying. She burst into tears, and according to my mum, my aunt said, “Oh, and NOW she’s crying. Can you remind me how old you are?!”

My mum was furious at her. My aunt is stubborn, so for a few weeks, my mum told my aunt to find a new bridesmaid. My aunt wouldn’t budge until my grandmother eventually begged her to for the sake of the wedding. Even now, my sister isn’t fond of my aunt. My aunt is still extremely fussy. She now has a young daughter, whom she treats like a queen. If anything happens to her, she turns into Hulk.

19. My Wedding Is More Important
u/syriquez: It is not my experience, but an ex-coworker narrated this incident. He and his wife went to a wedding in Hawaii and took a full two weeks of vacation to do so (they arrived two days before the wedding, which was on a Saturday). They figured that if they went to Hawaii for this wedding, they’d make it worthwhile and take a vacation.

Apparently, they were the only couple that elected to do that. The bride lost her cool when she found out. She yelled, “THIS IS MY WEDDING! WHY IS IT JUST A FOOTNOTE FOR YOUR VACATION NOW?!” His wife apparently laughed in her face and told her to call if she decided to grow up about it. To her credit, the bride did call later to apologize profusely for her outburst. Nerves, I guess.

20. The Winter-Themed Wedding
u/kittenhiccups: I was a bridesmaid in this winter-themed wedding. We wore blue silk dresses with white fake fur capelets and MUFFS. We were getting ready for the ceremony at one point, and the bride said, “Kittenhiccups, let me see your muff.” I batted my eyelashes and joked, “I’ve waited so long to hear those words from you!”

The look she shot me could have made a moose die. She started going off on me about not taking things seriously enough, and maybe I should go hang out with the groomsmen instead if I was going to make lewd jokes. Yeah. Perhaps I should have.

21. Only Six Guests from His Side
u/Gipperfish: My brother’s first wife wouldn’t allow any of our family she hadn’t met into the wedding. We’ve got a big family, so this would mean inviting one cousin she had met but not their parents or siblings who lived out of town, etc. We offered to hold an engagement party so she could get to know some of our out-of-towners, but she declined.

She said she didn’t want to invite family members she had only met once and didn’t know very well. In the end, we decided to go with immediate family only. We figured doing this would be less awkward and rude than picking and choosing between family. As a result, my brother had six people at his wedding and around 65 from the bride’s side.

22. The Groom Left Her
u/hotmoves: My girlfriend and I returned to our hotel on the night of my brother’s wedding. Down the hall was an after-party for a different wedding, with people in tuxes and bridesmaids’ dresses drinking and partying in their room. As we walked by, the bride stormed out screaming into a cell phone, telling someone to get back there right now.

As she hung up, she screamed into the room with the party, “Who abandons their bride on their wedding night?!” Apparently, the groom was at a bar down the street with some friends. I don’t know if she constitutes a bridezilla since she made a good point. Who leaves their bride on their wedding night?

23. My Cousin Was the Bridezilla
u/livmaj: I was dating my cousin’s best friend before my cousin and his now-wife got married. I was a bridesmaid, while my then-boyfriend was the best man. Before the wedding, my boyfriend and I broke up. As a result, I got an email from the bride-to-be telling me I was no longer a bridesmaid.

I said that’s not a problem. I saw that coming, but as I was living 3000km away then, I politely explained that it was unlikely that I would make the trip out. My cousin lost her cool. She severed ties with me and told me my family was no longer welcome at the wedding. To this day, my family does not speak with my cousin’s family because of her.

24. My Best Friend’s Wedding
u/Ihadacow: My best friend, who is usually very sweet and quiet, was rude when she got married. First, she told me when I would have her bridal shower (she set a date without consulting me) at my house and what I would be serving. I was in the middle of my honors year of my bachelor’s degree in another city (a 15-hour drive away), and the date she set was in the middle of my exams. She also planned on making all sorts of things for her wedding to save money (aisle runner, centerpieces, arch, veil, etc.).

I came into town the night before the wedding when she told me, “I didn’t have time to make anything, so I need you to do it.” I stayed up all night sewing and arranging flowers while she slept. It was in the middle of winter, and the floor was dirty when we arrived at the hall. There was nothing to clean it with but a bucket and a cloth. So, after working all night, I had to clean the floor on my hands and knees. I was exhausted, sore, and hated every minute of her wedding. I didn’t talk to her for months after that.

25. I Lost a Friend
u/SeabgfKirby: My friend of eight years was getting married and asked me to be her bridesmaid. I agreed, unaware that she would be a big-headed ego bridezilla. She demanded everyone wear these hideous dresses we had to pay for and asked us to dye our hair because she wanted to be the only one with blonde hair. I have naturally blonde hair and didn’t want to dye it for a day. She got angry and replaced me with another girl.

Next, she had the nerve to ask everyone who wasn’t in her bridal party to pay $80 per guest ($160 for me and my boyfriend) for food. She was having a BBQ buffet. She also expected a present valued above $50. She sent all of this via Facebook. I replied I would either pay for the food or a gift. I got a hard copy invite recently and realized her wedding was on the day my boyfriend is doing the Tough Mudder competition. I chose that over her wedding.

25. Betrayal of a sister
u/Deleted User: My sister was getting married soon, but she hadn’t invited me. I didn’t even know she was dating someone. A couple of days before the wedding, I asked her about it.

Me: “Mary, did you forget my invitation?”

She: “I can’t explain right now, but trust me.”

Then, on her wedding day, my mutual friend sent me a message: “RUSH TO THE WEDDING ASAP. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.” I rush over, and I’m totally floored by what I see.

Me: “Why is my boyfriend wearing a wedding suit?”

Sister: “We meant to tell you… your “boyfriend” and I have been seeing each other for years. We didn’t know how to break it to you, and I thought not inviting you would spare you the pain.”

Tears filled my eyes as the weight of the betrayal hit me. I had lost not only my boyfriend but my best friend, too. It was a heartbreaking realization that they had chosen to hide their affair rather than confront it honestly.

These brides ensured their demands were met, even if that meant offending their bridesmaids or losing friends. Have you ever witnessed a bridezilla moment at someone’s wedding? We would love to read about your experiences.

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