My Daughter’s Landlord Set Her up So He Could Evict Her and Raise the Rent – We Taught Him a Smart Lesson

When Jason’s phone rang in the middle of the night, he answered to find his daughter Lily crying. Her landlord had discovered she got a raise at work and was now raising her rent and threatening eviction. The situation escalated when the landlord planted prohibited chemical containers in her backyard and accused her of violating the lease. Jason, furious, decided to teach the landlord a lesson.

The next evening, Jason arrived at Lily’s place with friends, armed with flashlights and determination. They dismantled the garden Lily had painstakingly created, leaving behind a desolate patch of dirt. Inside the house, they rearranged furniture to expose every fault: cracks in the walls, missing tiles, and mold in the bathroom.

When Lily’s landlord, Jack, arrived the next day, he was livid. “Where are the plants? The pictures online show a beautiful garden!” he demanded. Lily, feigning innocence, replied, “What plants, Jack? The backyard has always looked like this.”

Jason stepped in, pointing out the exposed faults. “You want to talk about damage? Let’s discuss the cracks in the walls, the missing tiles, and the mold in the bathroom. You can see everything clearly now.”

Jack tried to regain his composure, but potential renters saw the house in its raw, unappealing state and left without applying.

Eventually, Lily found a new place with a landlord who appreciated her gardening skills. As she settled into her new home, she and Jason sat on the porch, looking out at the spacious yard that would soon become her next project.

“Dad, I can’t thank you enough,” she said, relieved and excited. Jason smiled, squeezing her hand. “You stood up to him. Now, you’ve got a fresh start.”

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