I Threw the Nephew I Literally Raised Out of My House and Told Him Not to Come Back

A 25-year-old woman reached out to Reddit seeking advice on a challenging family situation involving her 20-year-old nephew. Having grown up together, she had taken care of him throughout her childhood and teenage years, viewing him as family. Despite a five-year age gap, she welcomed him into her apartment when he offered to share rent.

Initially, her nephew contributed to the rent, but gradually stopped, citing her role as his aunt and elder. Despite her financial struggles, he continued living rent-free, even resorting to stealing money from her. When confronted, he dismissed her concerns and refused to contribute financially.

Frustrated and unsupported by her nephew’s mother and her own, who insisted she financially support him, the woman felt overwhelmed. Finally, she took drastic action, evicting her nephew from her apartment after he threatened her.

While her decision left the family divided, Reddit users overwhelmingly supported her actions, emphasizing her nephew’s disregard for boundaries and responsibility. They commended her for standing up for herself and encouraged her not to yield to pressure from her family.

Reflecting on the situation, the woman acknowledged her mistake in allowing her nephew to move in and expressed her determination to move forward without enabling his behavior. She vowed to make a police report against him and received affirmation from Reddit users who empathized with her predicament.

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