Travis Kelce said 3 words to Taylor Swift after winning the Super Bowl – and it confirms what we all knew

Finally, the Kansas City Chiefs have won Super Bowl LIII and can finally wear their championship crown with pride. Of equal importance to this year’s spectacular game, though, have been Taylor Swift and her relationship with Travis Kelce.

Amid all the Super Bowl chaos, a show that enthralled spectators on and off the field was the collision of love and football.

The pop star’s rumoured romance with the Chiefs’ star player has sparked widespread speculation and conspiracy theories. Swift was in Sin City to show her support for her boyfriend.

The tight end wasted no time getting to the two people that meant the most to him once he finished celebrating with his teammates and spoke to the press. He began by removing his headgear and embracing and kissing his mother, his rock throughout his life.

Subsequently, he directed his attention to Taylor Swift and crafted an anticipated moment for all. If so, would he make a proposal? Not exactly, but he turned to Swift in an instant and beckoned, “Come here, girl.” There is no denying the significance of sharing this joy with his partner for Kelce, as expressed in those sincere comments.

After that, they kissed multiple times for the cameras to see. Everyone there, not only Swift, Kelce, and the Swifties, relished the moment; it was a kiss that would last forever.

The media questioned Kelce over his connection with Taylor Swift prior to the nerve-wracking game. People who think their relationship isn’t real were the focus of CBS’s inquiry.

With a laugh, Kelce added, “You’re all crazy.”

The standout tight end for the Chiefs didn’t stop there; he doubled back on his harsh statements.

“All of you, you’re insane,” Kelce declared.

The tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs discussed his hopes for the public’s view of his relationship with Pat McAfee during an interview on the show on January 31.

“Don’t you think it’s a lovely thing?” To continue, Kelce stated:

And then, God willing, people will see that we’re simply a couple who loves and supports each other, having a good time. As much as the outside world tries to cast us in a negative light, all we’re doing is enjoying ourselves. We savor each and every part of it. When Taylor shows up to cheer me on and watch the game with my family and friends, it means the world to me. This year has been just fantastic, dude.

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