My Middle Granddaughter Looks Different from Her Siblings, So I Gave Her a DNA Test to Expose the Truth

A concerned grandmother noticed her middle grandchild grew up looking different from her siblings. She decided to get her granddaughter a DNA test kit, and the results shocked her.

A woman’s grandchildren grew up on the other side of the country, so she never really got to see them grow up. The first time she met her middle grandchild, Lindsey, was when the child was already six months old.

Through the years, she noticed how different Lindsey looked compared to her siblings. It confused her that Lindsey had curly blonde hair while everybody else had dark hair.

Why Did Her Granddaughter’s Appearance Differ from Her Siblings?
The concerned grandmother shared her story on Reddit, hoping to get clarity on whether she was right to help her granddaughter get to the bottom of her heritage. Initially, she thought their family genetics were just deeper than she’d imagined, and she loved her granddaughter regardless.

One day, the woman discovered that Lindsey’s parents banned her from getting an ancestry test. The woman scolded her son and daughter-in-law for it, saying the young girl deserved to know the truth about her birth.

Ultimately, her son and daughter-in-law denied there was anything fishy regarding Lindsey’s birth. They asked the woman to leave, and that was the end of the story.

To their surprise, the DNA test results showed something fishy about her lineage.
However, now that Lindsey’s in high school, questions continue to fill her head regarding her birth. She went to her biology teacher, and the teacher told her that it was odd for her to have traits that her siblings or parents didn’t have.

What Secret Did the DNA Test Uncover?
Distressed, Lindsey ran to her grandmother, asking her to buy a DNA test. Concerned about her granddaughter, she purchased the test for her without telling her children.

Lindsey did all the work and took the DNA test after her grandmother handed it to her. To their surprise, the DNA test results showed something fishy about her lineage.

Results showed that Lindsey and her siblings didn’t share a mother. “My son got someone else pregnant and her [biological] mom gave her up,” the grandmother revealed.

The revelation wreaked havoc on the entire family. The woman’s son and daughter-in-law were furious, while Lindsey was equally mad at her parents for being lied to for fifteen years.

The woman’s children refuse to talk to her, and their non-communication has made Lindsey even more angry. While the grandmother had good intentions, she now wonders whether she was wrong for igniting this storm.

People on Reddit assured the woman that she did nothing wrong. To them, the people to blame were her son and daughter-in-law.

“There are medical reasons a person might need to know what their genetics are/are not and if you hadn’t helped her she would have found out some other way[sic],” one person argued.

“Guaranteed she was going to find this out in 3 years anyway. At least this way, she knows that someone [in] her family is more concerned about her mental health and well-being than their own,” another added.

“There are legitimate, tangible, life-&-death reasons for knowing your genetics. Lindsey absolutely deserves to know the truth. This overrides her parents’ desire to pretend everything is fine & dandy,” one shared.

People share the same sentiments that the heat wasn’t supposed to be on the grandmother but on the parents for hiding something so critical. They felt the young woman had the right to know about her own background, and her grandmother helped her uncover the truth.

Do you think the grandmother was wrong for buying the DNA test? What would you have done if you were in her situation?

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