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‘How Bad Is Your Spotify?’ AI bot roasts streamers’ music taste

A new Spotify AI bot doesn’t give a funk about your feelings.

Serving up side-splitting social media spankings left and right, new AI bot “How Bad Is Your Spotify?”, masterminded by the evil geniuses behind the digital publication The Pudding, will ruthlessly roast your Spotify playlist using “sophisticated AI” trained by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels.

For brave subscribers of the music streaming service, getting digitally dragged for “Folklore” filth is as easy as logging in with your Spotify account information, sitting back and letting the bad-mouthing bot moonwalk all over your favorite songs — and your emotions.

“AI really said I listen to Folklore too much and that’s when I knew it was a bad bot,” one person tweeted.

The super funny cyberbullying session comes complete with a bevy of brutal jabs centered around your taste in jams, followed by a sarcastic inquiry into whether you’ve been listening to certain tracks ironically. After verbally abusing you to bits, the bot ends its beating by giving your trashy Spotify mix an embarrassingly low percentage rating. 

Despite the burns, Twitter users can’t seem to get enough of the madness. 

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