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Ariana Grande Looking Forward To Christmas With Fiance Dalton Gomez – Details!

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are engaged now and are also about to spend their very first Christmas at this new stage in their relationship. That being said, one insider reports says the singer is super excited for the holidays with her significant other and her family!
Ariana and Dalton made a huge step in their relationship and this is why Christmas for them as a couple will be happier than otherwise!

One source tells HollywoodLife that Ariana is ‘extremely excited to celebrate Christmas with Dalton [Gomez]. [Ariana’s] family totally loves him and they have welcomed him with open arms. Her mother even hung a Christmas stocking on the mantle for him. He fits in very well with the family and they just love how happy he makes Ariana.’
Sure enough, you can see the cute stocking with his name alongside the others in the picture below!

But the star is not just looking forward to spending the holidays with her fiance but also the rest of her life!
‘Ariana has known Dalton for a few years as they hung in the same social circles,’ the same source also shared.
Sure enough, Dalton does not work in the entertainment industry but he’s been seen hanging out with other celebs before, including Miley Cyrus!
‘Ariana is on cloud 9 and there’s no words to describe how she feels about this next chapter of her life. She could not be more excited and feels like the luckiest girl in the world. It really means the world to Ariana that her family loves him as much because their blessing means everything to her, and she could not ask for anything more.’
Their engagement announcement comes after Ariana and Dalton were seen kissing back in February.

Despite this, their romance remained generally private and only became official when he appeared in her Stuck Wit U music video in May!

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