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Eva Marcille’s Photos Featuring Marley Rae Have Fans In Awe

Eva Marcille shared pics with her gorgeous daughter, Marley Rae that have fans in awe. Check out the new photos that she dropped on her social media account below.
‘😍I’m so jelly, one more day for me til I’m out the bubble to see my babies 😩😩’ a follower said.
Someone else said: ‘Oh sis! She’s growing up and beautiful as ever!’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I remember when you won Americas top model girl😻♥️’

A commenter posted this: ‘Beautiful😍😍 I Love that you teach her to embrace her natural hair and you wear natural styles to encourage her beauty❤️’
A follower said: ‘She is gorgeous like her mama, I watched you win America Next Top Model snd you deserved it. Cherish her, give her advice, make her know that she doesn’t need a boy/man to validate her, question everything because girls do mature physically and mentally faster than boys and before you know it she is in High School going to Prom then college and you wonder where did the time go. L👍ol Your 3 children are Beautiful!’
Someone posted: ‘@evamarcille I love this picture! You look so natural! I am sick of how social media makes this seem as though our little girls should be so perfect, flawless!!! It’s not true! Our beauty comes from within !!! Go, girl! …. from a mother of a gorgeous 8 yr old daughter! Up in 🇨🇦! I respect celebrities like you!!!! 👏🏾’
A commenter said: ‘She looks like her Father 🙏🏾 sad she’ll never be able to see him til she’s 18 smh.’
Eva Marcille shared a post on her social media account about the coronavirus vaccine.
She received massive backlash in the comments from some followers, while others completely agree with the message she shared.

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