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T.I.’s Announcement Has Fans Excited – See His Recommendation For Today

T.I. shared an announcement for fans who are interested. Check out the recent post that he dropped on his social media account below.
‘Oh, this is so good. We’re counting on you GA. ????????????????’ a follower said, and someone else posted this message: ‘Make sho y’all go vote on da 5th… y’all hold the key to da future.’

Someone else said: ‘If Kelly and David paid you to come to talk would you talk. Would you come in strong?! I must ask.’
A follower said: ‘Just moved to GA and love what’s happening here! #changeforthebetter’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Just gotta get these folks out to vote … as they stand in line for a new iPhone or a pair of new Jordan’s…a lot of folks don’t wait us out here voting …we have to harness this power and turn it into change …’
Another commenter posted: ‘This lineup tho. Nothing but Jewels and Gems bout to drop,’ and someone else said: ‘Now this is something worth watching! Intelligent individuals having a meeting of the minds. So ready for it ! ????’
Someone else said: ‘Smoke & mirrors, something don’t sit right within my spirit about this setup here,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘If black people made their own office instead of running for the klans office… slavery happened under the American flag. Look at these folk who forgot thaf.’
Another follower posted: ‘Any of these people involved in shady sh*t from the past will not cross Go until they clear things up. Up above know and it gets passed down. Don’t matter how or who they get with them. It’s about individual repentance.’
T.I. has been in the spotlight a lot lately due to all kinds of statements that he has been making.
Now, he dropped a new one while he was talking on his podcast, ExpediTIously with 21 Savage.

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